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 My current activities:



 - Director of ARWtr 2004 Modern transformers

 - Chairman of ISEF 2005 Organising Committee

 - Main researcher in the Project EFACEC-UVIGO Shell Trafo 06/08

 - Director of ARWtr 2007 transformers

 - Publisher of E-Monograph: "Transformers in practice".pdf

 - Main researcher in the PROJECT II EFACEC-UVIGO Transformers 07/08

 - Main researcher in the PROJECT III EFACEC-UVIGO Transformers 08/10

 - Publisher and Editor of: "ARWtr2007 transformers"

 - Director of ARWtr 2010 transformers

 - Author of "Computation Method for Transients in Power Transformer ..."

 - Seminar delivered at Polytechnic Institute of New York University

 - Author of "Computation Method for Transients in Underground Cables ..."

 - Co-author of "Computer Modelling of 3D Transient Thermal field Couple ..."

 - Publisher and Editor of: "ARWtr2010 transformers"

 - Publisher and Editor of: "ARWtr2010 FEM Tutorial -transformers"

 - Main researcher in the PROJECT IV EFACEC-UVIGO Transformers 10/12

 - New IEEE-PES Transformers Committee Member - San Diego 14/4/11

 - Co-author of "Computation of Fast Transient Voltage Distribution in Transformer Windings Caused by Vacuum Circuit Breaker Switching"

 - Co-author of "Equivalent Circuit for the Leakage Inductance of ..."

 - Book Co-editor and Co-author:

   "Transformer: Analysis, Design and Measurement" CRC Press 2012

 - Author of "Time Domain Severity Factor (TDSF): Induced Transients..."

 - Author of "Three-Dimensional Methodology for the Overheating Hazard..."

 - Director of ARWtr 2013 transformers

 - Ph.D. Supervisor "3D-Methodolgy for Overheating Assessment on Power Transformers Structural Parts" (Author: Patricia Penabad-Duran) 2013

 - Ph.D. Supervisor "Study of Very Fast Transientes in Power Transformers"  (Author: Casimiro Alvarez-Mariño) 2014


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