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Vice-chancellor's Office
Carmen García Mateo
Vice-chancellor for Studies and EHEA Harmonization:

 Ms. Carmen García Mateo, PhD

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Our main duties are:  

  • management of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes
  • EHEA Tuning Project
  • implementation of Official Postgraduate Programmes (POPs)



University of Vigo guidelines for Postgraduate Studies     pdflogo
Galician University Board -General guidelines for the implementation of Graduate and Postgraduate Studies (05/11/2007) pdflogo
Royal Decree on the organization of official studies (29/10/2007) pdflogo
Order of the 20th of July 2007approving the authorization procedure for introducing official university postgraduate studies leading to a Master's or Doctor's Degree pdflogo
Decree 135/2007 of the 12th of July 2007 establishing the tuition fees for official University Studies for the year 2007/08 (DOG 16/07/2007) htmlogo
Draft of the Project of Royal Decree regulating the selection process of university lecturers pdflogo
Click to access the MEC (Ministry of Education) website on the Fifth Ministerial Summit of the Bologna Process (London, 17th-18th of May 2007) pdflogo
MEC (Ministry of Education) report: "Regulation of the Engineering Profession in five European Union Member States" (Germany, France, Finland, Italy and the UK) pdflogo
Organic Law of the University 4/2007 of April 12th that modifies the Organic Law 6/2001 of December 21st pdflogo
Xunta de Galicia Decree 66/2007 of the 29th of March establishing the procedure for introducing official University Potgraduate Studies (DOG 16/4/2007) pdflogo
List of Theses stored in the library of the Doctoral Studies Office and in the libraries of their respective departments htmlogo
List of upcoming Thesis Presentations htmlogo
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