Scientific divulgation

The members of this group think that, apart from to carry out our research work and publish the results using the usual scientific channels, it is important to make this information accessible to a wider section of the population and not be limited to a minority of scientists.

Breaking the Rules
"Making of" Breaking the Rules
Quantifying reciprocity in heterostylous plants
Evolutionary ecology of floral polymorphism
The introduction of predators such as cats in islands ecosystems
Posidonia oceanica meadows: an underwater treasure
Types of natural selection
Adaptative strategies: the hypothesis of "burglar alarm"
Honorable Mention Awards at the Prisms Prizes of Science Museum on 2011
Biological invasions: the case of the american mink
Animation about cranial evolution of Neotropical bats
Video "Lizards as seed dispersers in island ecosystems"
Audience Prize 2010 of The Scientist, Trofeo Eugenio Tutor on International Scientific Cinema Festival of Ronda 2010, and Special Accesit on the VII Premio Creación Audiovisual Universidad de Vigo. Finalist at the Science Film Festival of Bangkok (2010), the II Internacional Festival of Scientific and Environmental  Cinema of DoƱana, and the Festival of Animation Cinema Anirmau
Using drifting buoys for monitoring marine dumping
Zebra mussel (Dreissena polymorpha) like an invasive specie
Finalist at Science in Action 2010
Teaching units on ecology in the virtual portal MiniEcosistemas (in spanish)

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