Metal nanostructures can interact with light in such a way that conduction electrons are collectively excited, in resonance with the frequency of the incident radiation. Such collective excitations are known as surface plasmons and have raised a huge interest, in connection with both basic science and practical applications.

Understanding the detailed mechanisms involved in surface plasmon resonances, as a function of morphological details as well as their surrounding, is of paramount importance to implement efficient devices based on these phenomena. The Symposium will highlight the importance and richness of plasmonic resonances at metallic nanostructures, with an emphasis on accounts of recent progress in understanding and applying such developments, in particular in the areas of energy and environmental processes and monitoring.

The Workshop is an international meeting aiming for about 100-150 participants and will have invited oral, as well as contributed poster presentations. The meeting is organized by the Colloid Chemistry Group from the University of Vigo.