María José Pastoriza Gallego

Dpto. Física Aplicada
Facultad de Ciencias
Universidad de Vigo
Lagoas-Marcosende 36310, Vigo (Spain)
phone: (+34)986812302

This is María José Pastoriza Gallego personal webpage.

I was born in Vigo, Spain in 1978. I obtained my degree in Analytical Chemistry in 2001 (University of Vigo), my PhD in Chemistry-Physics in 2006 (University of Vigo) and my PhD in Applied Physics in 2011 (University of Vigo).

I´m since 2007 a senior researcher at the Applied Physics Group (FA2, University of Vigo) in the Applied Physics Department (T08). Since 2008 , I am a Isabel Barreto fellow.

In this group exists several research lines, I´m focused in the synthesis, characterization and thermophysical profile of nanofluids. If you want to learn more about this scientific contribution please go to the Reseach section.