Dr José Carlos Noguera




I graduated in Environmental Sciences at Miguel Hérnandez University (Spain), where I also continued working in several conservation biology projects. After three year, I was then awarded with a 4-years fellowship from the Spanish Ministry of Science which supported my Phd studies at Department of Ecology and Animal Biology at Vigo University. Recently, I've started to work as a Marie Curie post-doctoral fellow at University of Glasgow, under the supervision of Prof. Pat Monaghan and Prof. Neil Metcalfe.


Research Interests  

I am broadly interested in the interface between evolutionary ecology and physiology. Specifically, my research is focused in the function of oxidative stress as a proximal mechanism shaping life history trade-offs, behaviour and phenotypes. My study models are birds: gulls, boobies, shags, finch, fowls and finches.  

My current research interests are:  

  • Metabolic programming by maternal effects

  • Hormetic responses in the context of oxidative stress

  • The effect of early life conditions on oxidative resistance-phenotype

  • Trans-generational effects of oxidative damage on germ lines

  • Determinants of telomeres loss and their  influence on life histories

Teaching experience (subjects):

-Methods in zoology,  zoology (Chordate), wildlife conservation and distribution, animal behaviour, adaptations of marine animals



Universidad de Vigo

Dto. Ecología y Biología Animal

As Lagoas Marcosende

36310 Vigo (Pontevedra)



Telephone 34-986812590

Fax 34-986812556