Talaso Atlántico Hotel

The next International Symposium on Littorinid Biology and Evolution, IX ISOLBE, will be held in the Talaso Atlántico Hotel located in Baiona (Vigo - NW Spain) on September 2-7, 2008.

This meeting will deal with any topic related to biology and evolution of littorinid snails, and related marine gastropods. Two recognised researchers will open the daily sessions as invited speakers (Dr. B. R. Silliman and Dr. J. A. Coyne), and both oral and written contributions will be welcome.

The symposium has been traditionally multidisciplinary and very friendly, and it is a good opportunity for students and young scientists to share their work.

There will be also four concurrent workshops (10 hours), aiming to train young scientists in different methods related to littorinid research.

IX ISOLBE Congress Comittee

Congress chair: Emilio Rolán-Alvarez (University of Vigo)

Secretary: Humberto Quesada Rodríguez (University of Vigo)

Other members: Armando Caballero, Paloma Morán, Juan José Pasantes, David Posada and Antonio Carvajal Rodríguez from the University of Vigo, and Emilio Rolán (Mosquera) from the Museo de Historia Natural (Santiago de Compostela)

Last updated on, Tuesday 24th June 2008