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Los mercados culturales en la globalización: la producción, circulación y recepción de la diferencia.

Globalized Cultural Markets: the Production, Circulation and Reception of Difference.

Proyecto de Investigación Fundamental No Orientada.
Plan Nacional de I+D+I
Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación


The ultimate goal of the Global Cultures Research Project is to crystallize a truly interdisciplinary transnational team in order to address essential worldwide questions of circulation and exploitation of “difference” as a commodity in globalized cultural markets. We aim at cementing existing transnational research interrelations between the European, Australian and North American partners already working on the subject and opening venues for wider cooperation. We will examine the hypervisibility / invisibility of racial, sexual and gender markers of difference in transnational cultural products from Europe and other multicultural societies (Australia, Canada, USA) from the intersection of Postcolonial, Gender, Queer and Citizenship Studies, in order to provide a diagnosis of the level of influence of market forces (material and ideological) on contemporary culture in its three phases: production, circulation and reception.

Key Words

Transnational cultures, cultural markets, globalization, difference and diversity, multiculturalism, translation, cultural studies, gender, race, sexual identities, literature, film, music, visual arts, popular culture.





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