Dr Emilio Marañón

Associate Professor

Departamento de Ecología y Biología Animal

Universidade de Vigo

36310 Vigo, Spain

Phone: +34 986 812629



Education & employment

Research interests





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Education & employment

· BSc in Biology, Universidad de Oviedo (Spain), 1990

· PhD in Biological Oceanography, Universidad de Oviedo, 1995

· Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellow, Southampton Oceanography Centre (UK), 1996-1998

· Associate Professor, Universidade de Vigo (Spain), 1999-present

· Scientific Researcher (CR1), Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (France), 2005-present (on leave)

Research interests

My research deals with the ecology and biogeochemical role of phytoplankton, the unicellular photosynthetic organisms that live in the surface waters of all aquatic ecosystems. In particular I focus on marine phytoplankton diversity and size structure, and key metabolic processes such as primary production, nitrogen fixation, calcification, and respiration. My approach is based on combining field measurements in coastal and oceanic waters, laboratory experiments, and data meta-analysis. The ultimate goal of this research is to obtain a mechanistic understanding of the linkage between environmental variability, community structure, and biogeochemical fluxes in the ecosystem. Current topics under investigation include:

· Size-scaling of phytoplankton abundance, growth and metabolism

· Role of temperature and resources in controlling metabolic rates

· Large-scale distribution of marine nitrogen fixation and calcification

· Biogeochemical variability in the subtropical gyres



Recent and on-going projects

· Dispersal, neutral models and community assembly in marine microbial plankton (DISTRAL). P. I.: P. Cermeño

· Macroecological patterns in marine phytoplankton (PERSEO). P. I.: E. Marañón

· Response of phytoplankton communities to historical climate change: effects on diversity and atmospheric CO2 levels. P. I.: P. Cermeño (U. Vigo)

· Circumnavigation Expedition Malaspina 2010: Global Change and Biodiversity Exploration of the Global Ocean. Coordinator: C. M. Duarte (CSIC). P. I. at U. Vigo.: E. Marañón

· Spatio-temporal variability in the synthesis, remineralization and export of organic carbon in the North Atlantic subtropical gyre. P. I.: B. Mouriño (U. Vigo)

· Production of dissolved organic carbon in the Mediterranean Sea (collaboration with BOUM project, coordinated by T. Moutin, CNRS). P. I.: E. Marañón

· Turbulence measurements along a latitudinal gradient in the Atlantic Ocean. P. I.: B. Mouriño

· Trichodesmium spp. and N2 fixation in the tropical Atlantic (TRYNITROP). P. I.: E. Marañón


PhD Theses supervised

· Pedro Cermeño (2006)

· María Huete-Ortega (2011)

· Ana Fernández (2013)

· Daffne C. López-Sandoval (2013)

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Peer-reviewed publications

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Recent oral presentations

· Marañón, E. (2013) Patterns in phytoplankton size structure: abundance, biomass and production in coastal and open-ocean waters. The 45th International Liège Colloquium, Liège (Belgium). image007

· Marañón, E., Cermeño, P., Latasa, M., Tadonléké, R. M. (2012) Does temperature affect phytoplankton size structure in the ocean? ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Otsu (Japan). image007

· Marañón, E. (2012) Effects of atmospheric nutrient deposition on the surface ocean’s biology: community structure, metabolic rates, and biogeochemical fluxes. SOLAS Open Science Conference, Cle Elum, Washington State (USA). image007

· Marañón, E. (2011) Searching for general patterns in the response of microbial plankton to atmospheric deposition. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, San Juan (Puerto Rico).

· Marañón, E., Fernández, A., Huete-Ortega, M., Mouriño B., Cermeño, P., Chouciño, P., Martínez, S., Teira, E., Calvo, A., Morán, X. A. G., Bode A., Moreno-Ostos, E., Patey, M., Achterberg, E. P. (2009) Effects of experimental dust addition on the biomass and metabolism of microbial plankton in the oligotrophic Atlantic Ocean. ASLO Aquatic Sciences Meeting, Nice (France).

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