7th World Congress on Allelopathy

Complex Interactions in a Changing Climate

Vigo - Spain

July 28 - August 1, 2014

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We expect that your travel home has been OK!

We hope that your comeback trip has been pleasant, and we hope that you are now at home. If you need some document related to the congress, please do not hesitate to ask for it. Please contact mreigosa@uvigo.es

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Thank you!

The organizers want to give our most sincere thanks to all the participants, for coming, for being so kind and for sharing your knowledge! We think that the congress has been very successful and fruitful, and we hope that you all will remember in the future as a starting point for some research activities...

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Cost actions, H2020 program, Erasmus

As examples of how we would like this congress to be a starting point for new activities, at the European level there are some colleagues who have committed to organize a proposal for the Horizon 2020 European Framework, and also the preparison of a COST action mainly devoted to allelopathy. There are also some preagreements for international exchange of students, both in the Erasmus and other programs. The word is COLLABORATION.


Final documents

In the download section you will find the book of abstracts. Please feel free to download it and to share.

As soon as it is released, we will also have the Journal of Allelochemical Interactions ready in this webpage, and also in its own page (webs.uvigo.es/j_allel_inter).


Sharing photographs

Please check the download section to download photographs of the sessions. Thanks to Jonatan, he has provided a good number of good photographs!

Trips photographs are uploaded to the sections Vigo-Baiona and Cíes Islands trip!

If you want to share some of your photographs, please send them by email to 7wca_vigo@uvigo.es and we will upload them in this website!







        Summer sunset in Vigo, with the Cíes Islands in the mouth of the "Ría"  
      Vigo Ria