7th World Congress on Allelopathy

Complex Interactions in a Changing Climate

Vigo - Spain

July 28 - August 1, 2014

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New extended deadlines

Both abstract submission and early registration will be extended to April, 30, 2014

Registration Costs  
    Downloading files

How to proceed. Step 1.

Fist of all, please download the template and save it with your name in the filename. Please do not modify the format. You can send up to two abstracts per registered participant. Save the abstract(s) as .doc or .docx documents

International Scientific Committee  
    Selected Topics

Step 2.

Send your abstract(s) to 7wca_vigo@uvigo.es and wait for the confirmation. If you do not receive the confirmation that your abstract has been accepted, please contact the organizers (mreigosa@uvigo.es)

Organizing Committee  

Step 3.

Please register. If you want to be a regular member of IAS during the next three years, please do not forget to add the money for the society! If you need some special letter to proceed to the registration, please ask it sending your requirements to 7wca_vigo@uvigo.es

Marine Allelopathy  
    Next deadlines

Step 4.

The organization do not provide accomodation. We have hired a company (Abramar). They are offering many different affordable hotels to be in during the congress. Please contact them or feel free to make the hotel registration using any other facilities.

Phytoremediation of Polluted Soils  

Step 5.

During March-April you should receive confirmation of the final scheduling of your presentations (oral/poster and session). Please check that there is no mistake!

Post Congress Trips  
    Contact us

Step 6.

Please buy a ticket to come to Vigo arriving in time for your presentation. For hotel reservations, please contact the travel agency ABRAMAR. Go to www.abramaronline.com and click in "Más" (upper right part) and then in 7th Congress Allelopathy. We have selected four hotels nearby the venue


Welcome to Vigo

The city Major will offer a wellcome party on Monday in the Palace of Castrelos. A bus will take the participants to this old Palace from the Congress venue. This way you should be able to register during the afternoon and later going to this place. If you come later to Vigo, you will also be able to register on Monday.

      A new congress has been announced. Organic Agriculture International Congress will take place in July 30-31, 2014
        Summer sunset in Vigo, with the Cíes Islands in the mouth of the "Ría"
        Vigo Ria